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Need help selling

on Amazon?


Most people and most companies struggle on Amazon. Many flat-out fail. But there are some products that succeed, some that dominate. What’s the secret?

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Need Help Selling on Amazon?

Product Opportunity Evaluation

Selling on Amazon is not for everyone.  Some products do well, others not so well. It’s critical to evaluate your opportunity upfront. We can help.
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Competitive Analysis

Examining the Amazon competitive landscape is critical for your products success. We can help you determine your profit potential and gain insight into your best strategy.
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Mt Everest Strategy Blueprint

Achieving success at Amazon is like scaling Mount Everest. You need a map to the top, the proper tools and a knowledgeable Sherpa to help assure you reach the summit.
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Keyword Research & Optimization

Amazon is a search engine for shoppers. Buyers type in keywords, explore top-ranked products and buy.  You’re product is found or not found.  Optimizing for keywords is critical.
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Brand & Image Optimization

Many brands make the mistake of assuming Amazon is like other channels.  Smart sellers optimize their brand and image specifically for the Amazon marketplace. This strategy wins the day (and the most buyers).
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Page & Product Optimization

All Amazon pages are not created equal. Some are more discoverable,  Some have higher conversion rates, others get better ranking and the list goes on. You can’t guess your way to the top at Amazon.
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Amazon Product On-boarding

Adding your Product to Amazon is no walk in the park. You’re dealing with logistics, inventory, spreadsheets, forms… it sometimes seems like a million steps just to get going. We make it easier.
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Amazon Product Launch

How often have you heard sellers say “I threw my product up on Amazon, but it didn’t take off?” BREAKING NEWS: Things don’t just “take off” at Amazon. You must orchestrate a true product launch (our specialty).
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Amazon Promotions & Advertising

Many people think of Amazon Ads and Promotions as a cost of doing business. But if done right, Ads and Promotions can become incredible profit generators.
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Amazon Account Maintenance

It seems boring, but it may be one of the most important elements of your success at Amazon… We’re talking about maintaining the health of your Seller Central account. Small slip-ups can doom your product and account.
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Improve Your Odds By 1000%

Whether it is Dan Hollings directly or one of his elite protégés or partners… you’re in good hands. No whimps here!

Client Statisfaction


Percent of our clients that are satisfied with our work.

Clients in Profit


Percent of our clients that have reached the “In Profit” phase.

Product Turnarounds (from failure to success)


Percent of our clients that were failing before we re-vamped their Amazon strategy.

Clients with between 2 and 10 Amazon products


We are about quality , results and profits… not quantity.

Clients over $25,000 a Month


Money talks and some of our results SHOUT success!

First Time Amazon Products


Products we’ve helped our clients introduce to the Amazon marketplace.

Clients that have referred new clients to us


The majority of our new clients are referrals. We get referrals from clients, students, partners and even Amazon Corporation itself.