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Please note that this notice was also emailed to my entire database.

It has come to my attention that a program by a third party which I hosted in the summer of 2016 has been sited for questionable activities. While it is true that this program was presented to members of my audience, I cannot verify for certain if claims are true or not – and thus will not repeat these claims. I am however exercising an abundance of caution and proactively offering assistance to anyone that feels this company did not provide the services and/or tools as advertised in an event hosted by me.


Numerous legitimate affiliate marketers and webinar hosts, including me, may be unknowingly caught-up in debacles such as this from time to time. However, to besmirch anyones name other than the perpetrators is unfair. It is virtually impossible to be aware of nefarious activities of a third party company or it’s owners, especially if such activities occur in the future. As they say, hindsight is 20-20.


What’s important is how you handle a situation once facts or questions surface. In my case, I’ve had no involvement for over 6 months with this company, I’ve informed my audience and I’ve stood by my practice of assisting people with refunds or requested help. To the best of my knowledge the program did provide the training, support and tools that participants were promised. I should also note that there were no challenges in honoring all refund requests and there were very few complaints; quite the contrary I’ve had positive testimonials comparable to other programs.


I test programs, software and strategies so as to recommend those that seem viable. I require ALL programs provide a “real” money-back guarantee and I really go to bat to support my list, my members, my fans and followers. Regardless, I wish I had known more upfront in this case. I would not have hosted this program. For that, I apologize.


To the best of my knowledge, the claims in question (if true) seem to be such that only a narrow subset would be effected, possibly just competitors or third party companies. What’s important now, is that those that look to me as an advisor to vet such things recognize that at this point I’ve made people aware and I’ve honored or assisted with refunds in all cases. I have also made retractions and announcements to my fans and followers. I’ll strive to be more diligent in the future. ~ Dan


PS: Please submit inquiries related to this notice to my helpdesk.